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risk management


At Starr Insurance Group, an insurance policy is not just a document or piece of paper reading protection given to clients periodically. We feel that a successful risk management program is driven through our continuous consultation to keep our customer-client relationship up to date on the current and ongoing operations in their business, as well as updates and exposures in the industry. Throughout the life of an insurance policy, we like to work closely with our clients to periodically discuss what current or potential hazards they have and help develop risk transfer methods to help protect them. Our goal is for our customers to trust our consultation so they may devote valuable time running their business.

Loss Control

Workplace safety is vital for any successful business. Loss control is one of the key aspects of a sound insurance program. We work hard to help business owners stay in tune with employee and worksite safety measures through our carriers, producer meetings, or third party loss control methods in order to help keep claim frequency and severity down. Staying on top of loss control can help our customers to reduce insurance claims activity and provide a safe work environment. This in turn helps to keep insurance premiums down directly impacting the bottom line. Please visit our Risk Management Center to learn more.

Claim Management

Insurance policy is created and premiums are paid with the possibility of a claim happening at any point in time. When a claims situation arises we are experienced to guide you through every step of the process to help bring you back to form. We are staffed with employees that have many years of insurance experience as well as a former claims adjuster giving us an "in the trenches" advantage in helping our customers to navigate through any questions or technicalities that may arise throughout the claims process.